Our Team

We Are Multicultural. We Are International.

Joshua Askew
Managing Director
Jack Janssen
Financial Director
Alex Lisogurskiy
Technical Director
Luke Sholl
Content Manager
Asia Pappalardo
Operations Manager
Iago Pereiro Boquete
Spanish Team Leader
Eva Zuiderveld
Dutch Team Leader
Ludovic Chanson
French Team Leader
Robin Studtrucker
German Team Leader
Ian Abernathy
English Team Leader
Maria Pilar Ayala Perez
Spanish Editor & Translator
Anneke Plugge
Dutch Editor & Translator
Koen Romijn
Dutch Editor & Translator
Cesar Tornier
French Editor & Translator
Maximilian Greiner
German Editor & Translator
Emanuele Rados
Italian Editor & Translator
Luke Sumpter
English Editor & Copywriter
Adam Parsons
English Copywriter & Content Researcher
Steven Voser
Emmy-nominated Journalist & Author
Spanish Translator
Kiefer Oakley
French Translator
Paul Vigo
French Translator
Catherine Beck
German Translator
Stefano Mariani
Italian Translator

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This Is Not Our First Rodeo


Yuqo has been producing meaningful content that benefits our marketing teams and businesses for years—we are a practised hand at it. However, it would not be possible without our staff and network of writers and translators. Based both in our main offices and remotely across the globe, they work around the clock to keep content moving.


As such, Yuqo is always on the lookout for talented people to join us. If you are interested in joining the Yuqo team, please send us a message using the form provided or by email at [email protected].