How your company can drive success with LinkedIn

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You probably already know the value of an online presence for your business, but are you using the right tools? We believe LinkedIn is the smartest tool of them all. If you can get LinkedIn to work for your business, you’ll see positive results where it counts. Here’s why using LinkedIn is better for your bottom line.



If you want to reach a community of approximately 546 million users, then you need to create a Company Page on LinkedIn. If you can set up a personal social media profile, you can definitely create a LinkedIn Company Page. Yes, you can, without the aid of IT specialists or costly consultants. There are only five simple steps to follow, as outlined below. The first step is to click the Create a Company Page button and get started. The second step is to upload your company logo. Step three is to describe your company, ideally using 2,000 captivating characters or less with an SEO-friendly overview. Step four is entering your company website URL. Use the drop-down options to categorise your business. Finally, step five is to review the content, and if you’re happy, go for it and hit publish. You can also add some trusted employees as administrators. That’s all there is to it. Now your business is a part of the LinkedIn community.



This is the recruitment tool that LinkedIn offers. On the Life tab, you tell the story of your company, or let your employees tell it for you through personal testimonials. This is where job seekers will come to learn more about your business and get a feel for the company culture. Don’t be afraid to get creative here. You need not limit content to text. Photos and videos might be a better way to communicate and attract the right kind of talent. The choice is yours. The Jobs tab allows you to advertise vacancies too.
That’s all there is to it. Now your business is a part of the LinkedIn community.


Got a marketing campaign to launch or a targeted message to deliver? Well, that’s precisely what Showcase Pages are for. In fact, you can even set up your Company Page and Showcase Pages in 20+ languages to ensure you reach the widest possible audience and speak to them in their language.


To gauge your success and identify areas for improvement, you can use LinkedIn analytics to get a clear picture of page activity and the size of your follower community. See what’s working and make the necessary changes to get underperforming campaigns back on the right track. No more guessing and confusion. With LinkedIn analytics, you have access to the data you need to gain the traction required.
With LinkedIn analytics, you have access to the data you need to gain the traction required.


There really is no other platform that compares to LinkedIn. You can even blend YouTube videos into your Company Page and draw in a larger community. That’s right, YouTube videos are compatible with the platform and can bridge the creativity gap if you’re smart about it. Instead of just creating videos for one social network, you are reaching two of the biggest online communities in the world with the same video. Better still, if you can encourage your employees to get on board, you can reach an exponentially larger audience.
Rich, original content is the key to success on LinkedIn. Keyword bombing that often attracts more eyeballs than it deserves doesn’t work on LinkedIn. This is because it’s not just bots and algorithms driving the traffic; LinkedIn utilises real human beings to crack down on this underhanded practice. Nevertheless, SEO still matters, so don’t forget to tailor your content to include the terms that will attract target visitors to your page. LinkedIn is the premier business social network, and it won’t take long to see the positive impact it has on your business.