How to find killer blog post ideas

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Every journey begins with a single step; the first is the decision to start a blog in the first place, so congratulations if you have taken that leap of faith. Next, you must be selfish and committed to continuous self-improvement. Let’s explore some of the options together.




Your blog must be your passion. Organic, genuine inspiration can only be harnessed from intimate knowledge of the material you choose as the subject of your blog.
Whatever your niche is, make sure that you immerse yourself. The masters of the past can only take you as far they have gone. Hands on experience is always preferred, even if your blog concerns hazardous material disposal – genuine experience lends valuable credibility to the post.
Genuine experience lends valuable credibility to the post.


Vlogs are perhaps the most inclusive variant of the Blog. This platform has the fewest barriers to entry; a basic Smartphone with half decent video camera is all that’s required to permit access.
Regardless of your personal flavour of blog, watching a popular video in your niche is a good place to start and some productive market research that can be accomplished next time you’re waiting for a bus or stuck in a queue.
Playing around with the Search will unlock a vast archive of ideas. Page one is populated exclusively by the most tech-savvy who have succeeded in producing SEO-rich content.
Scrutiny of titles and descriptions will reveal the keywords you simply must incorporate if your blog is to attract an audience.
Analyse the content that consistently tops the list. This is effectively your competition.
Sooner or later it’s possible to crack the keywords, but it’s the content that is paramount. Not only must you win the battle of the search engines you must produce superior content.
It need not be a Eureka! moment; perhaps you entirely disagree with your competitors. Then your next killer blog idea could be as simple as how you would approach the same subject from an opposing point of view.


Indiana Jones probably could have gotten tenure at Princeton if he had wandered no further than the campus library. Instead of rescuing damsels in distress and falling into pits of vipers on the hunt for treasure, he would have plenty of time to catalogue stuff. Nobody wants to see that movie.
What differentiates Indy from all other boring archaeologists are his adventures. Get out and start experiencing your own adventures. Blogging from a personal perspective is common, but it can also be thrilling.
Meeting new people at conferences, exhibitions or any type of social gathering is a fun way to develop killer ideas. If you’re lucky, you might even be gifted amazing stories, which are veritable mines of killer blog ideas, in random conversation with strangers.
Carry a notebook, use your Smartphone, heck borrow a napkin and scrawl it down, grab all the ideas you can whenever you can.
Grab all the ideas you can whenever you can.


How can I transform my idea into a killer blog post? Well just like killer comedy, it’s all about timing. Keeping an eye on what is trending and making the headlines is important. You don’t need to become a hardcore “News Junkie” obsessively monitoring current events and world affairs, although sometimes it helps.
Rather, take the pulse of the news, scan through a few top stories at least, perhaps a story or a hashtag making waves relates, shares a theme or somehow affects your idea. Catalysts can come from strange places.
Social media is a great way to connect, but more and more bloggers are discovering its potential to spawn killer blog post ideas. Certain alphabet agencies and maniacs are obsessed with these platforms because they are a window into mass psychology.
The clever blogger can capitalise on this intel for altruistic purposes to tweak a decent blog into a killer post that connects with the audience.


Refer to a variety of sources to gather your data. First-hand accounts are preferable but not always practical. In addition, what is not being said can often be as important as what is being said.
Examine the data and draw your own conclusions. An alternative perspective that challenges the status quo could be your next killer blog post. Equally, a positive affirmation could be your next hit.
Perhaps you have not devised a radical bulletproof new hypothesis, speculation upon what the future holds can be just as interesting.


Jordan Belford, AKA The Wolf of Wall Street, was perhaps the world’s most devilishly brilliant con-man. Jordan had a silver tongue, the looks, and a surefire formula for success. Unfortunately for his investors he didn’t and it was all a fraud. Bloggers must be vigilant for today’s 21st century false prophets selling “penny stocks”.
There are numerous blogs selling short-cuts to success, but the truth is if you want to be successful, you have to work for it. Sure, you can work smart, but it is better to be original than just another regurgitation that some of this advice would turn you into. So if you are looking for the next killer blog idea, make sure you take all of the above into account – it will help set you apart from the rest.