The 5 best types of content for generating backlinks

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Backlinks are an important tool for increasing your readership, website growth, and potential customer base. They are a mark of popular content, yet some types of content gain them easier than others.

An article that is frequently generating backlinks can be a powerful force when it comes to SEO and increasing your readership. To put it simply, a backlink is an inbound link from another website to yours. When people share links to your web pages, or include them on their own, they are not only increasing the number of potential visitors but also sending a sign to search engines that your website is worth looking at, thus helping it rank higher with them.
When it comes to generating backlinks, compelling and engaging content usually does the trick. However, the type of content you are having written can also have a large impact; some types of content attract more backlinks than others. The below types are all fine examples of content that can start generating backlinks for you.


Content for generating backlinks: list posts
One of such formats is the classic list post. Simple in structure and easy for the reader to digest, list posts gain some of the most consistent and colossal website traffic of any other post format. They appeal to a potential reader because the title very often sums up every point within the article, for example, “10 ways juicing celery can improve your health”, or, “57 exercises you can perform at home”. This feature allows the reader to know exactly what they are going to find and may induce curiosity. Another attractive feature of lists posts is that they are easy to quickly scan through, enabling the reader to pick out what information they are after and leave the rest behind.


Content for generating backlinks: guides
Guides are a great format for audiences who want to look a little deeper into a topic than just lists. The idea of a guide is to create a truly in-depth and knowledge-expanding piece of written work that lands somewhere in the region of being tens of thousands of words long. As opposed to a shorter article that might only cover a single base of a subject, the objective of a guide is to cover every aspect and detail of a topic to give the reader a complete overview, so much so that they won’t need to look elsewhere for information, because anything they could find is already here.
Although they take a lot of work to get together, once published they have the potential to draw in a massive amount of traffic, and because they are so long and in-depth there are plenty of opportunities for generating backlinks with them.


Content for generating backlinks: infographics
Infographics are among the most viral types of posts in the arsenal of bloggers and it is not hard to see why. Like lists, they can contain a large amount of information condensed into an easily digestible format. However, infographics stand out even more, especially those with a slick, polished and colourful design abundant with graphs, charts and other forms of visible data and statistics that can be rapidly understood. These eye-grabbing creations can spread like wildfire because of their easy to understand nature, thus serving as an ideal hotbed for generating backlinks to other areas of your website.

Yuqo quotesThe type of content you are having written can also have a large impact; some types of content generate more backlinks than others.



Content for generating backlinks: collaborate with an influencer
By teaming up with other giants in your field, you can boost your own traffic by doing other sites a favour by boosting theirs. For example, if you were to create an article featuring a story about how a competitor found internet success and the strategies they used, with a link to their site, you are creating a piece that will get quite a bit of attention and at the same time will enhance your opponent’s site traffic. However, this may work in your favour also, if your opponent decides to feature this piece as a backlink. Looking for deals and trades with others in the field by generating backlinks to each other will help individual websites as well as the niche as a whole to succeed and grow.


Content for generating backlinks: pioneer your nicheBy being creative and constantly striving for new types of content and ways to format them, you are not only increasing your own site’s success and shares but also influencing all of the other members of your field. Innovation will, in turn, cause a chain reaction of ideas that will ultimately inspire others to create new ideas and thus improve the overall quality of the niche. Additionally, new attractive ideas will draw more traffic to your site, make your niche stand out further and allow amazing backlinking opportunities.