Hashtags for every day of the week

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Countless hashtags are used every day. Some of them trend heavily and then flicker out; others stick and stay around for a while. Use these tags to appear in the feeds of your target audience every day of the week.

The majority of social media users are familiar with hashtags. They’re keywords or phrases preceded by the hash symbol (#). People use hashtags to draw attention to their latest holiday snap, life update, or inspirational quote.
Let’s say someone has just returned from a trip to Barcelona. As soon as the return flight touches down, they post their finest selfie from the trip, with the hashtags #Barcelona, #Spain, and #travel. Now, anyone who searches for these terms in the next hour or so is likely to stumble across their post, and might be so kind as to tap the “like” button. After a while, the feed for each of these hashtags will become flooded with more recent images. Things move fast on social media.


Hashtags aren’t just for selfies and social validation. Businesses can use them to strategically target a specific audience and drive traffic to posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Hashtags effectively embed metadata into social media posts. Use them to deliver posts to both niche groups and a general audience. The relevance of hashtags changes daily, and each day of the week is associated with a group of popular hashtags. Although some hashtags have a very short lifespan, others seem to stick. Use these hashtags to maximise your reach on each day of the week. Be sure to post at the optimal time so your tagged posts are at the top of the search list!


Monday is the most mundane day of the week, at least for most of us. After a weekend of fun and relaxation, many people have to face reality once again and return to work. The most popular hashtags for Monday follow this theme. There’s a striking contrast—some people face the day head-on, and others revel in sorrow. The hashtag #MondayMotivation falls into the former category. You’ll very often find this hashtag plastered on gym photos, images of healthy food, and pictures of people flexing in the mirror. Use this hashtag on Mondays to attract the go-getters of the world!
The hashtag #MondayBlues is also popular on this day of the week. It’s a reflection of people returning—often hungover—to the humdrum of routine. Include this hashtag along with a happy post to inject energy into your customers’ Monday. You can also use this phrase to promote giveaways or offers to stick with the theme of happiness!
#MarketingMonday is a popular e-commerce hashtag. Use it to promote any offers or products that you want to push on a Monday.
The relevance of hashtags changes daily


Hashtags commonly used on Tuesdays don’t follow much of a strict theme. Instead, there’s a range of popular keywords and phrases that companies can choose from. #TakeMeBackTuesday is one of the most popular hashtags on this day of the week. Instagram users commonly use this search term to draw attention to travel pictures or special moments in their past. Businesses can harness this keyword and overall theme to customise posts. Use it as an opportunity to invoke nostalgia for discontinued products and to draw attention to more recent releases.
The #TransformationTuesday hashtag carries the #MondayMotivation theme further into the week. E-commerce companies revolving around health, fitness, self-help, and similar categories can use this term to attract their target audience.
#TipTuesday is another extremely popular hashtag during the second day of the week. Social media users search this term en masse for useful information and life hacks. Incorporate this hashtag to attract problem-solving minds to products that offer easier ways of doing things.


The middle of the week has arrived. Both the Twittersphere and “the gram” are erupting with contrasting hashtags. Scores of motivated individuals are continuing to promote their healthy lifestyles with the hashtag #WellnessWednesday. Use this hashtag to place supplements, clothing, and wellness products among the never-ending stream of sweat-dripping selfies and CrossFit workouts!
While many social media users are hard at work at the gym, the more hedonistic types are brandishing corkscrews and documenting their beverage consumption with the hashtag #winesday. Use this comedic hashtag to promote products and ads with a humorous twist.
Social media has renamed Wednesday #humpday—a nickname that implies the “hump” of the week has passed. It’s all downhill from here until the weekend arrives. Use this hashtag to help your customers celebrate, and offer something to help them endure the next two working days.


Nostalgia and reflection underpin many social media posts on Thursdays. Innumerable users post images of good memories, travels, and life events marked with the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday. Companies can spin this popular phrase to rehash professional milestones, previous campaigns, or beloved products of the past.
Social media sees a boatload of gratitude on Thursdays. Users often display what they’re grateful for using the hashtag #ThankfulThursday. Use this search term as an opportunity to say thank you to your customers, and maybe offer them a giveaway for their loyalty.
The hashtag #thursdate documents meetings and romantic get-togethers on this day of the week. Use the hashtag to target customers planning a special meal for two or seeking other ways to surprise their better half. Suggest products from your range that might work well as thoughtful gifts.
Social media sees a boatload of gratitude on Thursdays.


Friday is a day of celebration in the social media sphere. Users express their excitement for the impending weekend. The hashtag #TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) is perhaps the most customary of the day. The term usually accompanies pictures of joyous faces, alcoholic beverages, and party scenes. Use the hashtag alongside celebratory posts, and advertise products that your customers should consider during their weekend bout of online shopping.
It appears that a lot of readers like to delve into a good book or blog post during the last day of the workweek. The hashtag #FridayReads frequents social media feeds with pictures of half-read books and illuminated Kindles. Deploy this hashtag with a blog post that informs your followers about a relevant topic. Promote posts that include internal links directing your customers to product pages.
Social media users also share details about themselves or their passions on this day using the hashtag #FactFriday. Maybe they declare how many pets they have or express love for their favourite hobby. Use this hashtag to inform your followers about a particular product or service and how it can add value to their life.


The weekend has arrived! Many social media users are up early and channelling their inner weekend warrior as they take to the hiking trails. Others take a more relaxed approach and much prefer to stay snuggled in bed with their feline companions—an occurrence documented by the hashtag #caturday. Use this hashtag and relevant imagery to attract your cat-loving customers!
#SaturdaySale is a popular hashtag used by businesses looking to attract a portion of the massive sum spent online over the weekend. Utilise this hashtag to let the world know what you have to offer.
Saturday also offers you another chance to connect with your customer base on a personal level. Use the hashtag #SaturdayShoutOut to give praise to a specific customer. Select somebody who recently won a giveaway or someone who frequently likes and shares your posts.


Sunday is a day of rest for many social media users. They like to kick back, relax, and use the hashtag #WeekendVibes to celebrate their comfort. Maybe you sell something that helps them to further de-stress and relax? You can also use the popular hashtag #SundayFunday to promote products that could genuinely make their days off more entertaining.
Others are much more active on Sundays, using the hashtag #SundaySweat on their gym-based Instagram posts. Use this term to promote your health and wellness blog or latest supplement sale.


Regardless of the day, there is always a suitable hashtag (or several) you can use to promote your brand’s products or services. However, it’s important to tailor your tags in a way that will actually get your posts seen. Using the information above, we hope you find the process of weekly hashtagging to be more enjoyable than complicated!